3 things your active dog needs in their diet

When it comes to exercising, we know the role that nutrition plays in helping us perform to the best of our ability and avoiding injury. Running is a great way to keep fit – it’s good for the heart, strengthens the joints and pumps the body full of feel-good chemicals. It doesn’t cost anything, and the best bit is you can take your dog along. You won’t find a better running buddy – a running dog is usually a happy dog.

As most dog’s lead active lifestyles, nutrition is key to keeping their bodies and joints functioning well. A dog’s diet is just as important as ours!

Below, we’ve highlighted some key nutrients that are integral to an active dog’s diet, as well as some comparative advice for active humans.

1. BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, making up the structure of new muscle tissue, which is integral to any fitness goal. They can’t be produced in the body, so must be sourced through your diet.

Your diet: Make sure your diet is rich in a variety of animal proteins, legumes, nuts/seeds, seafood, and whole grains. BCAA supplements are also available in both capsule and powder form. Mix the powder into your water bottle and take it along for your run; they can be taken pre, post and during exercise.
Your dog’s diet: Ensure your Pooch’s main meal source is rich in the above. Our functional foods are all based on a single protein source and include pea protein; which is low GI and naturally high in BCAAs.



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