A Letter From Your Dog

Dear Human,

Hello it is me, dog. You seem really sad and scared. I’m your best friend so I want to make sure you are not sad and scared. However, do not feel ashamed for feeling sad and scared.

These things happen. Thunder makes me sad and scared. So do raccoons.

Anypuppers, I’m just a dog who doesn’t understand global crises or macroeconomics. But boy do I understand how to deal with stress. I thought I’d share a little of my wisdom with you, my best friend.

When I feel stressed I like to do three things: nap, snack, play. Yes, those also happen to be my favorite things to do. There is a lesson in that but I’m just a dog so you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

First, napping. I like to nap on my dog bed. I also like to nap on your bed pillows: the one you use for your head and the one you hug. To be honest any pillow that smells like you is my pillow.  I like to nap on the couch. I like to nap under the kitchen table. I like to nap in sunbeams and rolled up in blankets like a burrito. I’m not suggesting you nap to escape feeling sad and scared. You can’t outrun feelings! They’ll chase you! No, I just think napping is a great way to unclench and drool a little. Just find a cozy spot and let go for a little while.



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