A Raccoon in the White House? Get to Know Your Presidential Pets

The latest pet-loving president, Joe Biden, has brought his furry pack—two German Shepherds—to the White House. They’ve made a big impression with fans and foes alike; with rumors of a potential cat joining the mix, we at Rover—naturally—have turned our thoughts to presidential pets.

As it turns out, nearly all U.S. presidents have had pets. And while dogs tend to steal the show, receiving fan mail and sometimes even accompanying POTUS in greeting dignitaries, many animals have lived in the White House, from your regular ol’ dogs and cats to birds, horses, and other, more exotic pets. Some have made their marks on our memories and in media, while others entertained behind the scenes.

And while there was no presidential pet in the Trump White House, we’d be remiss if we didn’t shout out his Vice President who more than made up for it as pet parent to a few animals: During their tenure, Mike Pence and his family welcomed an Aussie puppy, Harley, and gray kitten, Hazel, into their home. Harley and Hazel joined Pickle the cat and Marlon Bundo the rabbit (who has his own Insta).

Presidential Pets, from George Washington to Joe Biden 

From the prestigious to the scene-stealing to the plain old wacky, we’re highlighting some of the presidential pets that have roamed the White House grounds.

President George Washington’s (Drunk?) Dogs

Good ol’ George Washington, the original president, is said to have been not only the father of America (well, that part’s a fact), but the father to more than 30 dogs, too. The most memorable of the mixed-breed pack? A couple of his hounds named Drunkard, Taster, Tipler, and Tipsy. Hmm, we’re sensing a theme here…



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