Apoquel for Dogs: How it Works, Benefits, Dosing, and Safety

Allergies are never fun. Itchy skin, red eyes, sneezing, congestion…the works. And unfortunately, allergies aren’t exclusive to just humans. Allergies in dogs are a very real problem we face as pet owners. It can lead to a number of health problems, and because most dogs are covered in fur, it can be hard to diagnose or notice at first. This adds to the challenge that is allergies and dogs.

In recent years, veterinarians have continued to turn toward a medication that has proven to help dogs with allergies and the complications that can follow. This medication is called Apoquel.

How Does Apoquel Work? 

Simply put, Apoquel is an allergy medication used in dogs. It is effective toward flea allergies, food allergies and contact allergies. It is known to be especially effective in treating atopic dermatitis and pruritus in dogs (itching). In fact, it is the first medication to be specifically designed to combat allergic itching and inflammation in dogs. It is available in 3 different strengths, and costs around $200 per 100 tablets (100 doses).

Apoquel works by inhibiting chemicals in your dog’s body called “cytokines”. Basically, when dogs are allergic to something or are suffering from seasonal allergies, cytokine chemicals in the body are responsible for creating inflammation and itching around the area of concern. Medication like Apoquel can help curb your dogs need to itch, thus allowing the area to heal properly. Without a drug to control itching and scratching, your dog will constantly be irritating the area, ultimately worsening their allergies and symptoms.



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