Calming Music for Dogs: Relaxed Pooch Playlist

Calm and Relaxed Pooch playlist

Any dog owner knows that soothing your pooch can be difficult, especially with over-active and energetic puppies. Numerous scientific studies and research have shown that music is a great way to help reduce stress and separation anxiety in our furry friends. However, with endless playlists to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is best placed to relax your dog.

With over 4,000 combined likes, we gathered data from 13 official Spotify playlists, analysing over 500 songs and 24 hours of music to determine the most popular songs to help settle your dog. Listen to our data-driven playlist on Spotify below.

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The top tracks to calm your pooch

After looking at over 500 different songs, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 most soothing tracks for your pup.

We explored the Bpm (tempo/song speed), energy (how intense/active the track is), happiness (how cheerful the track is), instrumentals (how likely to feature no vocals), acoustics, speechiness (words spoken on the track), and decibels (how loud) to determine why these songs are so relaxing. According to our research, here are the top tracks you should play to relax your dog.

Top tracks to help your dog stay calm

Sources: Spotify and Tune Bat

Each of these top 10 songs appeared several times across the different playlists, with the top three tracks featuring 5x more than the 500 songs analysed across the 13 Spotify playlists we studied. The remaining tracks appeared at least twice more

Creating the ultimate song for relaxed dogs

Based on our findings, we calculated the averages of each track to discover the perfect composition for a song for calming dogs. As it turns out, slow, quiet, acoustic songs with minimal vocals are the best ones to play for calm pups and chilled-out doggos.



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