Camping With Your Dog: Best Tips For A Fun Camping Experience

Dogs bring excitement, silliness, and sheer joy to your camping trip. Hiking with your dog through the woods, splashing in a cool mountain creek, enjoying starry nights around the campfire, and sleeping in a tent make up a true outdoor adventure for you and your furry friend. Read on to learn all the best tips and ideas to make camping with your dog memorable, safe, and fun.

Table of contents

  • Is your dog ready to go camping?
    • Vet appointment before your trip?
    • Collar tag and microchip
    • Get your dog used to sleeping outdoors
    • Do a practice camping trip in your backyard
    • Get the lay of the land before camping with your dog
  • Pet campground regulations and guidelines
    • Unwritten rules
      • Behavior
      • Barking
      • Interacting with people
      • Don’t leave your dog alone
  • Camping with dogs gear – what do I need to bring?
    • Where should my dog sleep?
      • Tie-outs, kennels and pens
    • Bring a good quality leash and harness for your dog
    • Pack a dog first-aid kit
    • Pack more dog food and water than you think you need
    • Don’t forget a GPS dog tracker
  • What do you do to entertain your dog while camping?
  • Dog safety while camping
    • Protect your dog’s paws
    • Apply a flea and tick preventative to your dog
    • Locate a vet near the campsite
    • Watch out for heat stroke in warm weather
  • Camping with dogs: frequently asked questions
    • What do I do with my dog while camping?
    • Do dogs get cold camping?
    • Can dog sleep in tents?
    • What if I am camping with multiple dogs?
    • Do I need to pack out dog poop while camping?
    • What to do if your pet goes missing when camping?
  • Embrace the unexpected and enjoy the experience!

Is your dog ready to go camping?

For many of us humans, camping trips take us outside of our comfort zone. The same is true for your dog. Before your pack up your pooch and your camping gear, evaluate your dog’s personality to decide if camping is the right activity for them.

Expect an extreme level of excitement as your pup experiences new sights, sounds, and smells at the campground. Some key questions:

  • Can your pup get along with other dogs, or are they aggressive? There are sure to be other dogs at the campground.
  • Does your dog bark incessantly? That’s a surefire way to annoy all the other campers.
  • Do they respond to basic commands like Come, Sit, and Stay? These skills help maintain control of your pooch in the stimulating outdoor environment.

Be honest about your dog’s temperament before embarking on a camping trip with your dog. If camping isn’t right for your dog, leave them at home with a trusted friend, or board them at a local kennel.

Vet appointment before your trip?

Before camping with your dog, visit the veterinarian to ensure that your pup is up to date on vaccines, especially rabies. It’s possible that your dog will encounter wild animals that could spread rabies.

Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes, and unless you are camping in the wintertime, you are highly likely to encounter these pests. Talk to your vet about heartworm treatments before you go camping.

Puppies aren’t fully vaccinated until they are 5-6 months old, so wait until then before taking a puppy camping.



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