Holiday Shopping Guide: 10 Gifts for New Dog Owners

Has a friend or family member recently adopted a dog? Or will they be adopting a dog around the holidays? If so, you should gift them some new dog trinkets, treats, and toys during the holiday season. But what are the ideal gifts for a new dog owner?

From bully sticks for dogs to personalized collars to durable chew toys, here’s everything you can give to a new dog owner.

1. A comfortable collar

First, a dog needs a collar. They need something that feels comfortable enough on a walk. The best options for collars include Martingale collars and harnesses – both of which help to either redistribute weight or lessen the stress on their neck.

2. A personalized collar

Along with getting them a comfortable collar, you can also get them a personalized collar. After all, a dog can have more than one collar. Personalization could include having a custom collar made for them, or it could be getting them a collar that has unique designs fitting their name, personality, or quirks.

3. Custom dog ID tags

You can also help a dog by getting them a dog ID: an identification tag that allows them to display their name, their owner’s name and phone number, and their personal quirks.

dog sleeping with stuffed animals

4. Squeaky toys

Toys always make for an excellent gift. Dogs deal with stress and they need ways to get it out. Just as humans have stress balls they’ll squeeze on, dogs will use their toys to get their energy out. Consider asking the owner the dog’s chewing habits before you purchase one, though, as dogs have different chewing habits – some being light chewers, others being able to chew through a tire.



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