How Basepaws Dental Test Saved This Cat’s Life

Basepaws Cat “Baby” was always a happy and healthy kitty. When the Basepaws Dental Health Test discovered that he was at medium risk for several feline dental conditions, Baby’s parents took him to the veterinarian. In preparation for Baby’s dental cleaning, the veterinarian uncovered a health issue that saved Baby’s life. We interviewed Corinne, Baby’s guardian, and here is their story. 

Hi Corinne! Tell us – How did you meet your cat?

A family friend found Baby in a soccer field back in 2009. They had never owned a cat before- they were outside talking to my mom, discussing how he wasn’t eating or drinking. They said they were trying to force-feed him water while he was on his back to get him to drink. I was 16 at the time. I asked if I could hold him and walked him right over to our house. And that is where he stayed! I’ve had Baby for 12 years now.

What is your veterinary relationship like? Do you go often?

We go to the vet every year. I have moved a lot; we’ve lived in 7 different places since I’ve owned him between me moving for jobs, college, and internships. This has made it difficult to maintain a good relationship with his veterinarians over the years.

Does your vet examine your cat’s teeth (Flip the Lip)? Do you check them at home?

I do try to check his teeth at home, but he does not let me see his back teeth at all. Recently, he had a dental exam at the vet and they flipped the lip.. I was shocked to see the amount of tartar on his back teeth!



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