How to Control Your Dog’s Barking

There are many reasons why dogs bark. It can be a greeting, a sign of affection, a warning, a cry of distress, and more. But lately, your dog has been barking constantly. You’re getting worried, and the neighbors are complaining. How can you find the root cause of his barking, and what can you do to curb it? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Your Dog Barks

If the neighbors complain that your dog is barking while you’re at work, he’s probably bored. When dogs sit at home alone, with no stimulation, they get lonely. They bark for something to do, and because they’re sad you’re not around.

If he barks excessively when you are around, he likely wants attention. He wants you to take him outside for a walk, or play with him, or cuddle with him, or give him a treat. Does he stand by the door while he barks? Does he stand as close to you as possible? Where he barks will provide clues to what he wants.

By the same token, if he’s looking out the window when he barks, he probably sees a squirrel, a cat, another dog, or something else he perceives as a threat. This is also why he barks when he hears someone at the door. Someone is encroaching into his territory, and he wants to defend it – and protect you!

Curbing Your Dog’s Barking



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