How to find the perfect puppy for your family?

You know, all puppies are cute. However, it is not just one look, one contact. The puppy will be a member of your family, you have your own idea about it. About his breed, that he will be healthy, in the right condition.

Here is a great way to get the right puppy for your family. PuppySpot operates a database linked to verified breeders.

You can choose from purebred dog breeds such as:

Australian ShepherdBasset HoundBeagle
Bernese Mountain DogBichon FriseBorder Collie
Boston TerrierBoxerBulldog
Cane CorsoCavalier King Charles SpanielChihuahua
Cocker SpanielDachshundDalmatian
Doberman PinscherEnglish Springer SpanielFrench Bulldog
German Shepherd DogGolden RetrieverGreat Dane
HavaneseLabrador RetrieverJack Russell Terrier
MalteseMiniature PinscherMiniature Schnauzer
PapillonPekingesePembroke Welsh Corgi
PomeranianPoodlePortuguese Water Dog
PugRottweilerShiba Inu
Shih TzuSiberian HuskyYorkshire Terrier

… and much more. Or maybe you’ll love designer breeds:

American CorgiAuggieAussiedoodle
Frenchie PugGoldendoodleHavapoo
PeekapooPomskySaint Berdoodle

and other.

Here are just a few of the more than two thousand puppies you will find there.


The new owner will thus get a healthy puppy of the desired breed. In addition, the new owner will also receive training and long-term health care for the new family member.

PuppySpot is the best place to discover, learn about, and find a puppy.


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