Step-by-Step Guide: How to Trim Cat Nails Safely Yourself at Home

Like us, cats need their nails trimmed regularly. While outdoor cats are more likely to get their nails filed down naturally as they explore the outdoors, indoor cats especially need nail care. Learn how to trim cat nails safely, at home by yourself in this article. We’ve compiled all the best tips and practices on how to clip cat nails easily and painlessly – for both of you!

Overview: How to trim cat nails

  • Most cats don’t like having their nails trimmed.
  • Start while they are young, so they’ll get used to the trimming process.
  • Some cats are easy going about getting their nails trimmed; others may need to be gently restrained.
  • Trim your cat’s nails with their paws relatively close to their body, in a natural position. If you pull their paw out too far, their instinct will be to pull it back in.
  • Using cat nail clipper or regular nail clippers, trim your cat’s nail at the tip – do NOT cut the quick (pink section of the nail).
  • Aim to trim one nail a day until all nails are trimmed.
  • Use positive reinforcement (aka treats) to reward your cat after the trimming.

Do cats need their nails trimmed?

Yes! Like ours, cat’s nails are always growing. So it’s important to trim cat claws just as we trim our own nails regularly.



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