Red Nose Pitbull: The History, Breeding, and Temperament

The red nose Pitbull is an exceptionally rare type of dog that’s part of the wider American Pitbull Terrier family. This isn’t necessarily a breed in its own right (and it’s not recognized as such), but a unique, red-nosed version of the standard American Pitbull Terrier.

Red nose American Pitbull Terriers are, of course, known for their distinctive red noses, but they also have a somewhat misunderstood reputation for dangerous behavior, which dates back to their days as fighting dogs.

The reality is that red nose Pitbulls are exceptionally kind-hearted, loving, and affectionate when they are well cared for and raised correctly. In this article, we take a look at the history, breeding, and temperament of a red nose Pitbull and hope to dispel a few misconceptions along the way.

What is a Red Nose Pitbull? 

The red nose Pitbull is a distinct variety of pitbull that’s closely related to the wider American Pitbull Terrier family. This isn’t a distinctive breed, but simply a unique variety of Pitbull types that are distinguished by their red nose and red coat of short fur.

Red nose Pitbulls are similar in size and weight to other dogs of the Pitbull breed, and while rather short, they are very stocky, compact, and extremely muscular. The red nose Pitbull (like all Pitbulls) has a reputation for fighting, but while these dogs are admittedly powerful and potentially dangerous, this side of their character is only ever unleashed by unethical trainers and owners looking to turn them into fighting dogs.

The red nose Pitbull is a rare variety of pitbull, and so it’s not only difficult to source these dogs but expensive to purchase them, too.

Let’s take a quick overview of a red nose Pitbull.



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