Success Story: In Memory of Bella

Success Story: In Memory of Bella

Today we hear from Kelly Armstrong of Tonica, IL. Her dog Bella sadly passed away in June 2021. She was originally only given 1-2 weeks to live but with the help of Lolahemp, she lived 5 more comfortable months doing all the things she loved. Read Kelly’s touching story below:

Can you tell us a little bit about your dog…when and how did you get him/her, describe his/her personality, provide a back story etc?
We brought Bella home at 6 weeks old when her breeder broke her leg and could no longer care for her.  She was a little butthead, constantly bullying her human brother, became a huge counter surfer, was food driven and ornery and ate some of the dumbest things you could imagine, 60 tea light candles because they smelled like vanilla, frozen pizzas, headphones, walls, you name it, she would bolt out of the house and race to the creek nearby to swim if you weren’t careful and would run all over our neighborhood playing “catch me if you can,” she was headstrong and frustrating and the absolute love of my life, my heart dog.  I can still feel her “hugs” or the way she snuggled next to me in bed, how she would jump up on the bed in front of the window and wait for me to open the blind so she could “watch her show,” that’s what we called it.  She loved to dance with me and would hook her forearms over my arms and just sway to the music with me. She thought water was life and swimming, canoeing, fetching sticks in the water, those were her happy place.  She was only 7 when I lost her in June but there would have never been enough years with this girl.

gold retriever Bella smiling with tongue out in car with brunette woman owner

What kinds of symptoms / conditions did your dog have before you found Lolahemp?
Stage 3 Lymphoma, all of her lymph nodes were the size of baseballs or larger.

Did you try any traditional treatments at first?
Prednisone – she did not respond.

golden retriever Bella smiling in car

Have your pets experienced any worrying side effects from prescription medications?
Prednisone caused her to drink and urinate frequently and made her alternately anxious and lethargic.

What are some of the specific improvements you noticed after using Lolahemp?
The majority of her lymph nodes shrank to nothing or almost nothing and she had more energy – she acted like herself again.



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