The Best Service Dog Training in Nevada

dog at the grand canyon

Nevada is a desert state on the west coast, known primarily for its tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Reno, and the Grand Canyon. Nevada follows the federal Americans with Disabilities (or ADA) guidelines, which means that service dogs are allowed everywhere that the handler is allowed to go  (so long as their presence isn’t a public health hazard.) This is especially great for those who suffer from crowd-related anxiety but wish to go to Las Vegas, which is Nevada’s biggest city as well as being a year-round tourist destination.

Nevada doesn’t have any additional requirements for service dog training, nor does it have any additional legal protections for service dogs. Luckily, the ADA comprehensively covers housing, public access, and transportation. It should also be noted that the state of Nevada and all its cities don’t have breed restrictions in place, though service dogs are considered exempt from such legislation.

Though service dog registration isn’t necessary for the state of Nevada, having certification can help avoid unwanted questions about your service animal in public. When you certify with U.S. Service Animals, you also get access to our legal team which can help you navigate any sticky situations.

What to Look for When Choosing Service Dog Training

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to shopping for a service dog trainer. Your budget and the amount of time you’re able to spend on classes are likely to be the biggest factors, but it’s also important to consider the trainer’s experience.

When it comes to service dog training, especially if you’re training for complicated tasks like medical alert, it’s important to know whether or not the potential dog trainer can effectively provide guidance. Most trainers will list their limitations on their website, but clarifying during your consultation is always a good idea.

An often-overlooked point of consideration is whether or not the trainer has breed restrictions. If you’re looking to train a service dog whose breed is frequently targeted by restrictions, it’s worth double-checking that the dog trainer will accept your service dog before making financial commitments. This is a big perk of online service dog training classes, as they tend to not have breed restrictions.

Waiting list times are a big factor to consider if you’re looking into purchasing a dog that has been matched with you and trained in the tasks you need. Many waiting lists are years long, which is years that you’ll have to spend without an aid. In addition to the wait time, purchasing a pre-trained service dog may also be significantly more expensive (though it may be worth it if you’re physically unable to attend service dog training lessons yourself.)

Finally, you’ll also want to consider the physical location of the dog training facility. Obviously, you won’t want to be driving 2 hours one way once or twice a week for training lessons if you can avoid it!

Online vs In-Person Service Dog Training

Online dog training is a great choice for busy people who would like to train their dog on their own schedule. Online dog training offers extremely flexible scheduling as well as the ability to go back through any lessons that need to be reviewed at any time.

The biggest perk of in-person dog training is that it provides socialization for your dog. This is particularly important if your dog is a puppy, as socialization with strangers and other dogs is essential to them being well-adjusted later on (which service dogs need to be). While online dog training doesn’t provide socialization, if your dog is older and already properly socialized, this doesn’t need to be taken into consideration as much.

In-person training also gives you direct one-on-one attention throughout the lesson process, which can be helpful, especially for people who have never trained a dog or puppy before. In online training sessions, you will typically still be able to contact your dog trainer over text or video for pointers or general advice, so you won’t be left on your own.

Training your service dog with online lessons tends to be more cost-effective than in-person training, especially when it comes to purchasing a pre-trained service dog. When you’re comparing costs, don’t forget to factor in commute time and related expenses to and from the facility when considering in-person dog training lessons.



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