Pooch & Mutt X Woodgreen Pets Charity

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our partnership with Woodgreen Pets Charity!

woodgreen dog handler

Who are Woodgreen?

Woodgreen Pets Charity rehomes thousands of pets each year.  The Woodgreen team work tirelessly to provide safe shelter and specialist care to a variety of pets.  They provide advice and support to owners to help create a brighter future for pets.

Woodgreen are also working hard to reduce the need for owners to rehome pets through education and advice. They offer a variety of remote online learning courses, designed to help all pet owners understand more about the pet they have, or plan to bring into their lives in future. So whether or not you have rehomed a pet from Woodgreen,  you can access a whole host of free advice on how to best prep for, and care for your pet.

You can find out more about Woodgreen and the work they do here.

Home of The Dog House

Yes that’s right,

They’re the leading pet charity that’s home to Channel 4’s The Dog House.

Opening up their centre to the public to see the work their handlers, vets, specialists and volunteers do every day to give animals another chance at life.  They’ve helped the show’s four-legged stars and gave aid to all the human rock stars who bring the pets back to their old selves.



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